Using Dustin

Dustin takes students through a four-step cycle:

1) Present an interesting situation for the student to try out.

2) Allow him to fail.

3) Show him an example of a successful interaction.

4) Allow him to use the knowledge in the example when he tries again.

Along the way, Dustin allows the student to choose the level at which he wants to try things out and gives him a variety of help tools.

This program is intended to help the student remember what to say in different situations and to understand what is said to him. It lets the student practice the English he will need to perform day-to-day tasks, as well as business skills, in the same environment he will be in when he actually visits St. Charles. The situation in Dustin looks a lot like real life.

The simulation sets a stage so that the student can verbally participate (in English) in a variety of different scenes. The program also provides a tutor and various tools (e.g., dictionary, transcript) to help him through the process.

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