Students Like Road Trip

The students we worked with liked Road Trip. They thought it was "fun" and "cool," that it "had great graphics," and that the "video was great." More than that, Road Trip helped students who knew little geography to significantly improve their scores. The children who knew more geography still liked the program, although their scores did not increase much. However, these children did learn to do something that some adults seem to have trouble with -- they could plan a road trip using an atlas.

The evaluations we have performed of Road Trip are extremely encouraging to us. Our major challenge in this program was to take material that is typically treated in a dull fashion and make it fun to learn. We wanted to take a dry list of facts and make that list come alive to children. The attitudes of the children who have used the program tell us we have been successful. Students who are taken out of class to use the program under formal observation have sometimes even returned during their free lunch or recess time, asking if they can "play" with the program some more.

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