Using Movie Reader

When using Movie Reader, a student watches a movie on a computer monitor. At times determined by the teacher, the movie pauses and the student is asked to complete an exercise. Currently, Movie Reader provides five types of exercises for a student, each with several variations and optional enhancements, which together constitute a rich set of interactions. The exercises in Movie Reader are designed to facilitate the high-level skills needed for reading with understanding. For example:

These exercises serve as models for the sorts of questions the student should be asking himself as he works through the movie. They provide a "scaffold of questions upon which students can construct their interpretations of a story" (Holum & Beckwith, 1993). The exercises encourage students to formulate and answer their own questions, help them reason through the questions the teacher poses, and provide them with the information they need to make sense of the movie. The exercises are not used to test the student's skill at understanding, they are used to help build it.

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