Building Environments in Goal-Based Scenarios

The final task when designing a GBS is to determine how the GBS will help a student to achieve the mission and acquire the target skills. The designer must decide what types of support to give the student and in what ways that support will be made available. These decisions require the designer to consider the important cases to relate, the feedback to give, and the media by which information will be delivered.

If the rest of the GBS design process was completed well, this step is fairly straightforward. But a designer must take special care when laying out the cases and facts which the student might find useful. The designer must not make these cases and facts ends in themselves, but rather must use them as the means by which the nature, applicability, and consequences of skills are conveyed to the student. To show how skills may be generalized, the designer should develop for each target skill both "domain dependent" cases, which treat the skill with reference to the cover story and mission, and "domain independent" cases, which treat the skill in a way that is independent of the context.

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