Agents in the Story Archive

We currently have eight types of Searching Agents in mind for the Story Archive:

The Scientific Agent
The History Agent
The Economics Agent
The Psychology Agent
The Dramatic Agent
The Logic Agent
The Thematic Agent
The Description Agent

These eight agents are responsible for searching for related information for any given story that is discovered in the archives. When set in motion, it is their job to find other stories to tell, and to alert the user to the existence of those stories. Thus, they can be seen as a kind of dynamic index, telling the listener of the story about what else there is to know, given what he has just found out.

Each agent can behave in two different ways, looking either for general principles or specific examples. When looking for general principles, agents attempt to find stories that include perspective, theoretical discussions, principles, and lessons. When looking for specific examples, agents attempt to find interesting stories rich in relevant concrete detail. These behaviors seem different enough to users to give each agent two distinct personas. Accordingly, we have given each agent to names, one to reflect each persona.

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