The Psychology Agent

When trying to understand their world, people naturally focus on what other people are doing. To understand the Gulf War, for example, they want to know specifically who was involved and what were their motivations. If they are the curious type, they also want to know who else is like that and why, in general, people behave that way. It is the job of the Psychology Agent to bring to the attention of Story Archive users stories that are related on the basis of the people involved and explanations of their motivations.

The Freud persona of the Psychology Agent is responsible for analyzing the psychology of the characters in a story. What is Hussein like? Is he mad? What about Bush? What is the psychology of the Germans and Japanese? Why is Mubarek doing what he is doing? A psychological analysis of these people would certainly enhance one's understanding of the Gulf War.

The Dickens persona is responsible for finding analogous characters in different stories. In the Gulf War, Hussein kept being compared to Hitler and Nassar. What were these people like, and are their lessons to be learned from the comparison?

These personas are guided by these basic questions:

• Sigmund Freud: "What are the motivations of the actors in this story?"

• Charles Dickens: "Who is this character similar to?"

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