The Dramatic Agent

Sometimes, we are simply happy to hear a good story because it is interesting, entertaining, and fun. To find such stories, the Story Archive needs an agent searching for good stories to tell. As with the other agents, there are two approaches for this.

The first approach is to look for a story which gives context to the current story. We might hear, for example, of the Gulf War by means of a short piece of text or video about the war. At this point we might want to see a well put together piece about the war, perhaps a full-length movie that used the war as a backdrop. Given the amount of news coverage dedicated to the Gulf War, finding a context piece should not pose much of a problem.

The second approach is to look for human-interest stories related to the particulars of the current story. For topics that are less well-documented that the Gulf War, human-interest stories can provide a sense of what the problems are. Even in the Gulf War, such stories add depth. We might use, for example, stories from other wars to show what life in the trenches can be like or what it is like when a family is notified of the death of a soldier.

William Shakespeare is the general principles persona of the Dramatic Agent and O. Henry is the specific examples persona:

• William Shakespeare: "Show me stories that describe the big picture, the global perspective."

• O. Henry: "Show me human-interest stories about this topic."

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