Knowledge as a Business

Eventually, selling knowledge in the guise of access to knowledge on video will become a major new growth area. Knowledge suppliers will have to find out how to charge for their best stories.

For example, when you can have access via computer to travel information about France, you are entering the domain of the publishers of travel guides. I don't know how they will choose to play their hand, but I do know no one will buy travel books anymore.

The publishers may well decide to be the first in the knowledge supply business. They are, after all, already in that business, although I must admit after consulting with many of them, I have learned that most of them think they are in the business of selling objects, not knowledge.

The world of business will be forever changed by the coming information infrastructure. Owners of knowledge will sell their wares to packagers of knowledge who will sell their service to storers of knowledge who will have to work with accessers of knowledge who will, in turn, work with conveyers of knowledge. Now these may turn out to be, respectively: experts selling to publishers, who sell to timesharing companies who deal with software vendors who deal with the cable or telephone companies. Again, I really don't know how it will play out, but if you look carefully you can see it coming.

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