How Will The Software Get Built?

If the markets will not naturally produce the educational software required to revamp the system, how do we propose that it get built?

For one thing, business training software will get built as a matter of course. Unlike software for children, software that helps businesses educate their employees offers savings to customers that can afford to invest to realize them.

But while training software may lead the way, the software for children still needs to be developed. This is a social problem and solving it will require society (in the form of government) to step in.

The role of labs like ILS goes beyond providing examples of what good software can look like (such as those you see in this book). While research labs cannot produce the required software by themselves, they can produce tools which make it easy to clone the kinds of programs they construct. In some cases, they can even make tools simple enough to use to enable teachers working on their own to produce good educational software without big investments and large project teams.

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