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Engines for Education is about what can be done to change education now. This is not a work of fantasy about what might exist one day. Nor is it an academic tome which presents irrelevant theory. Rather it is a work which applies what we know about how people learn to the design of computer software that can revolutionize the schools. A large portion of it is dedicated to discussing specific examples of such software. This book is about what we can do today to make learning fun, to make learning less stressful, and to build a world of thinking citizens. This book is about harnessing the power of the world's experts so that they all will be available as needed by students who want to learn from them. This is quite possible to do using today's technology.

Computers are already in the classroom. Unfortunately, for the most part what is there is awful. To date, these computers have been used to play games and to teach children to run spreadsheet programs. Until now no one has cared enough about education to begin to build what is needed. But enough is already known about natural human learning to start the process of change via the computer. Computer software can change the way we learn in school. This book discusses what needs to be done and how to do it.

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