Just Curious ...

This screen is for those who are simply curious about what Engines contains and do not wish to adopt a specific perspective such as Business, New Media, or Education.

Below are a few questions that will guide you to some high spots in the text. If working through a standard book is like walking up and down every street in Chicago, working through these questions is like skipping from Wrigley Field to the Sears Tower to a few more key locations.

Click on one of the questions you think is interesting, and you will immediately be taken to its answer. From there, you will be able to proceed through the text by asking questions and getting follow-up answers.

If you have a specific question in mind, choose questions that seem likely to lead to it as you proceed. If the text doesn't contain an answer to your question, either you'll find it in a few clicks or we haven't done our work right.

If you don't have a specific question in mind, you might want to use the GO FORWARD suggestion, which will lead you through the book using a coherent path. In the Web version, this path is fixed. In the CD-ROM version, it is dynamically constructed to fit your path throught the text.

Click on a question to begin.

A New Kind of Book

A Unique Facility

Learning Without Trying

New Software

Outline Go to the outline of the book.

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