Ordering Engines

Engines For Education is available from the publisher, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, in different formats:

These prices are subject to change. (At the moment, LEA offers a 15% discount on materials purchased through their web site.) If you do not care to shop over the internet, they also have a toll-free number, 1-800-9-BOOKS-9.

About the Engines CD-ROM

The CD-ROM version of Engines for Education has four advantages over the book or this web version:


(There currently are no plans to create a PC version)

About the Engines upgrade

If you already have a copy of the CD-ROM, and would like to run Engines For Education on a Power Mac running System 7.6 or newer, you need to download a new version of the application. The upgrade is a 3.5 MB self-extracting archive in MacBinary II format.

The hardware required for the new version:

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