Natural Learning

People have powerful natural mechanisms for learning that allow them to master an enormous volume and variety of material during their lifetimes. Some people learn enough baseball statistics to fill a book. Others learn such a variety of conversational tactics that they can literally talk to anybody. Others learn which political strategies great leaders employed and when those strategies worked. And almost everybody learns where the milk is in their neighborhood grocery store, as well as how to navigate the streets of their home town. This kind of natural learning occurs outside of school.

Rather than fighting against these natural learning mechanisms, schooling should make use of them. The very nature of school must be changed so that it reflects rather than opposes natural learning. The way mainstream schools are structured now goes against much of what we have learned about learning. Schools fail to educate because they don't leverage the natural learning process. Natural learning is not compatible with lockstep classrooms nor with rigid curricula, nor is learning measurable by multiple choice tests.

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