Career Choices

Who do you want to be? What do you want to do?

High School should be a time in life when kids begin exploring potential careers, but instead they spend long school days wading through subjects like algebra and literature - subjects with little relevance to real-world work. Instead of such subjects, kids need practical, hands on, real-world inspired experiences to help them try on careers and see how they fit.

Think you might want to be a doctor? Be one in simulation. Talk to simulated patients. Do some lab work. Read an MRI. Diagnose their illnesses.

Think you might want to be a software developer. Work in a team to develop a mobile smartphone app.

Engines for Education now offers a wide-range of real-life inspired, simulated job experiences (and more are on the way). In as few as 2-3 weeks full time, kids get real world opportunities and a true sense of what a career in a given field might be like. Check out the experiences available now:


  • Website Developer: Build an Informational Website
  • Mobile Web Application Developer (Prerequisite: Website Developer; 4 week course)
  • eCommerce Developer: Build an Online Store
  • Website Developer: Help Users Find Your Site (Prerequisite: Website Developer or eCommerce Developer)
  • Data Analyst: Help a Web Business Understand Customer Behavior
  • High-Tech Entrepreneur: Brainstorm Product and Business Ideas
  • User Interface Designer: Understand User Needs
  • User Interface Designer: Test and Improve Website Usability
  • Computer System Administrator: Protect a Company's Site from Hackers


  • eCommerce Business Strategist: Plan an Online Business
  • Business Consultant: Save a Company in Trouble
  • Project Manager: Deliver a Big Project On Time and On Budget

Health Sciences

  • Internal Medicine Physician
  • Sports Medicine Physician
  • Nutrition Advisor
  • Medical Detective: Solve a Murder
  • Genetic Engineer: Develop a Non-Allergenic Cat
  • Epidemiologist: Stop the Outbreak of a Contagious Disease

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