Michael McGarry

Michael McGarry is the Director of Engines for Education. Mr. McGarry began his career as a high school mathematics teacher and athletic coach. He soon migrated his talents to the business world where he spent sixteen years within IBM in various sales, marketing, and leadership positions.

After receiving considerable recognition and building a strong portfolio of sales and sales leadership skills, Mr. McGarry decided to pursue the world of entrepreneurship. He worked with Roger Schank to build Cognitive Arts from a start-up. Mr. McGarry was instrumental in growing the company to an annual revenue stream of $10M and 140 people, and leading the company's efforts to raise $17M in capital.

Mr. McGarry has since been recruited several times to help organizations with challenging business development issues. These companies include BellSouth Wireless Data (then Cingular, now ATT Mobility) and the Tom Peters Company. Mr. McGarry's strengths include a passion for leadership; a track record of success in closing F500 clients and in accessing the executive suite in doing so; solving complicated problems; account strategy; resource utilization; mentoring/coaching; and public speaking. Mr. McGarry has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.