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Welcome To Engines For Education

Welcome to Engines for Education, brought to you by The Institute for the Learning Sciences.

Engines is a "hyper-book" written by Roger Schank, Director of ILS, and Chip Cleary, a graduate student of Dr. Schank, about what's wrong with the education system, how to reform it, and especially, about the role of educational technology in that reform.

Engines for Education is not only available on the Web, you can also get much the same body of information as a book and as a CD-ROM. These alternative versions can be ordered from the publisher. (If you already have a copy of the CD-ROM, there is an upgrade available for more recent systems.)

We welcome your comments. Engines is based on a form of structured hypermedia developed at ILS called "ASK systems." ASK systems were originally developed to provide users convenient access to large knowledge bases to help them during problem-solving. Engines is an experiment in extending ASK systems to make them better support the sort of extended dialog a reader typically carries on with a non-fiction book. Let us know how well you think it works.

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  Take a look at the new curricula now available (Sept 2008) that Roger Schank and the not-for-profit Engines for Education team designed for high school. 
  If you have small children in your family or world, take a look at Roger Schank's new site designed to teach little kids to read, do math, and see the world interactivey. Not only is the site built in an engaging way that makes learning fun, it allows other members of your family to interact with your child over the web!
  What we say in this hyperbook about education is true of corporate training as well. Take a look at the work of our for-profit arm, Socratic Arts, and how corporate training can be improved.


For more commentary on the educational system, you can visit Roger Schank's occassional column, Educational Outrage.

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