The Software We Need

Entire curricula need to be created in software that represent alternatives to the existing curricula now in place in the schools. Doing this entails creating hundreds of hours of software just for one subject for one age group. Clearly, this is extremely expensive and will not happen in today's commercial environment. The book publishers could spend that kind of money but it is not clear why they would. There probably is a very profitable business in educational software in the long run, but that is only probable--there are hardly any guarantees. In any case, such a business would be at the expense of the existing textbook business, a prospect unlikely to excite a textbook publisher.

Clearly, the government has to intervene. The total amount necessary to build all the curricula for all the grades in software may well be about a billion dollars. It would be a billion dollars well spent, an investment in our future, which is more than you can say for many other similar-sized government expenditures.

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