Success Stories

Carnegie Mellon University / Software Engineering Masters Programs

Members of our team developed several blended (online/in-person) Masters' programs to teach software engineering from technical, development, and management perspectives.

“The SCC approach really mimics the real world more than the traditional classroom does. I am already working in teams at work... Classroom instruction has the student come away knowing a lot of theory but provides little guided practice with actually trying to use that knowledge in a realistic setting on realistic problems and working in a team... I am already taking a lot away from my schoolwork and applying it to my job, because I can leverage it right away... What I learn on Monday I can apply on Wednesday... Here I feel we will use everything we learn."

- Master's student at Carnegie Mellon West -

Six Master’s degree programs primarily in fields related to computer science have been offered there since 2002, and by August nearly 250 students will have graduated from these programs. The programs are each housed on a website and are delivered to students either online or in person from the newly established West Coast campus. Our job there was to take existing Master’s degree programs and turn them into SCCs. >>more