Success Stories

Grandview Preparatory School / Elementary and High School Story-Centered Curricula focusing on Journalism, Environmental Science, and Software Engineering

Engines for Education developed curricula for the 5th, 8th, and 12th grade students at Grandview Preparatory School in Florida, including:

  • Carnegie Mellon University Senior Year in E-Business and Internet Technologies
    Designed by faculty at the top Computer Science university in the country, this intensive yearlong curriculum lets students experience first-hand how Internet technologies are transforming the way businesses are run.
  • University of Chicago Senior Year in Writing
    In this dynamic curriculum developed with experts from University of Chicago’s top-ranked writing program, students divide into groups and play the role of an editorial committee responsible for producing a monthly online magazine focusing on pressing social issues.
  • Eighth Grade Year in Writing and Web Application Development
    The eighth grade curriculum transforms students from passive classroom learners into active participants in designing, programming, and publishing a monthly web magazine.
  • Fifth Grade Year in Science, Technology, and the Law
    Fifth grade students in this curriculum are not just elementary students ¬ they are scientists, lobbyists, lawyers, writers, researchers, documentary producers, and web designers. Students undertake an intensive course of study of environmental issues facing the Everglades and South Florida using an integrated set of research-based curricular units developed at major universities.